Why not buy a unique gift! our Ballroom Dance lesson gift vouchers are available for any number of Ballroom Dance lessons and are redeemable at any location within 6 months of purchase. Call 0787 668 7659.

Our aim is to enable you to feel comfortable on the dance floor at a social function whether it be a ball, a local dance, a club, a work function or a family celebration.

Ballroom Dance and Latin Dance

We provide private tuition in Latin Dance (Latin club dance) and the main Ballroom Dances. At present we only offer lessons to couples mixed or single sex are all welcome. You can also arrange to have Ballroom Dance lessons with a small group of your friends.

Waltz to Strauss, Foxtrot to Sinatra, try a passionate Tango or maybe a lively Jive or Salsa. We teach Ballroom and Latin Dancing primarily in St James' Hall, at the junction of Packington Street and Prebend Street, Islington, North London. You will have your own personal tutor. Home visits are available subject to location and availability of tutors. Please call for details.

Walk in...
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Ballroom Dance and Latin Dance Beginners

Complete beginners are very welcome. If you have always wanted to be able to Ballroom Dance but have never got round to it, or if you think you might feel awkward or too embarrassed to try, we can help you achieve your dream with simple movements that will enable you to become confident and relaxed while dancing.

"If you have ever dreamt of learning to dance I can recommend the First Dance Company. They give expert tution in a professional setting & will make you very welcome" - Lesley Garrett

Photo of Lesley Garrett

Photo Courtesy: Simon Fowler / Denza Records

Advanced Dancers

More advanced dancers can learn extra developments, steps and styling that will give you increased character and flare while gaining the ability to lead or follow your partner in all the dances.

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For an appointment and for details of rates please
Tel: 0787 668 7659
E-mail: dancing@firstdancecompany.com

First Dance Lessons

For those who are planning to get married, we can offer our special 'First Dance at your Wedding course of lessons.