Weddings - The First Dance

Why not buy a unique gift! our First Dance lesson gift vouchers are available for any number of First Dance lessons and are redeemable at any location within 6 months of purchase. Call 0787 668 7659.

Arranging your wedding?

What are your plans for your First Dance?

The First Dance Company is pleased to be able to offer a special course for those about to be married. We can take away the worry of that First Dance so that it becomes for you one of the highlights of that special day; a day filled with laughter, champagne and happy tears. Whether you have danced before or are an absolute beginner, we can help you shine on your First Dance on your great day. Gone are the times of an embarrassed shuffle around the dance floor. Our aim is to enable you to feel comfortable on the dance floor with either a simple start to the First Dance or something more elaborate.

Have your own First Dance choreographer. Bring us your favourite tune or song and we will choreograph a tailor-made First Dance just for you. Imagine the surprise of your friends and family when you are able to present your own First Dance!

What would you like to know?

How do we book the First Dance lessons?

How much do the lessons cost?

How many dance lessons will we need for our First Dance?

Where and when are the Wedding First Dance lessons held?

How long before the wedding should we start the First Dance lessons?

We do not have much time before the wedding. Can you still teach us our First Dance?

What do we have to wear for our First Dance lessons?

We have never danced before and are concerned about taking lessons. Will you be able to teach us?

What type of routine will we learn?

What song should we choose?

Can I buy a gift of some dance lessons?

Private lessons by appointment.
For details of rates Tel: 0787 668 7659

Some quotes from our students:

" The whole day was perfect and we didn't put a foot wrong in the dance. Got a huge round of applause. They didn't know we had it in us. Thanks so much it was all down to you. Will send photos when back from honeymoon."
D & S

" We didn't just dance, we floated! It was our favourite part of the day and everyone said it looked great. Thanks for your kind wishes, we will be sure to send you a photo."
S & B

" It was amazing. It went off so well and everyone said how fantastic it was. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We will definitely see you again soon."
J & R

" We whirled around the dance floor to cheers and laughter. Technical prowess 3/10 enjoyment 11/10. Many thanks for teaching us the latter first."
T & A

" Thank you so much for all you did to make our first waltz as a married couple truly memorable and special"
G & M